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General Information


While all reasonable efforts are undertaken to ensure that the charts reflect a correct interpretation of the information, the owners and authors of this site make no guarantee whatsoever in regard to the accuracy of the displayed images and data. This site makes no suggestions or encouragements regarding your participation in any sporting event.

Data Quality

The charts are dependent upon the accuracy of the underlying data. Before calculating the images we examine the quality of the data and where necessary make reasonable judgements about any absent or obviously incorrect information. Many numbers presented in this analysis are interpolated or extrapolated from the limited information captured during the event. Standard mathematical procedures are used in our calculations, and all displayed information can be logically traced back to the source data.

Net and Gun Times

Net is the time it takes you to run from the start line to the finish line, independent of your delay in the crowd at the start. Gun time if the time from when the gun was fired until you crossed the finish line. Hence in a crowded race, it is possible for you to have 2 very different gun and net PLACES.

Count of Runners You Passed

This count is derived from Bib numbers ahead and behind you at the two locations. Accordingly a runner who passed you, but was subsequently passed by you, will not be included. This count is dependent upon the accuracy of all runners timing devices - not just your own.