Send us a Photo

If you captured a great shot of a crowd of runners in action at this event you might wish to send it to us. If we like the photo we may crop it and place it on this RunPix site - and include a credit to you.

  • Photo uploads are limited to one single image per photographer.
  • Pictures must focus on large numbers of runners or spectators.
  • Photos with only a few people in the frame are not usable.
  • We are unable to reply to any emails.

You must include the below permission statement.

I, YOUR NAME, am the legal owner of the attached photograph. I permit RunPix to alter the image and publish it on the RunPix website for this event (Long Beach International City Bank Marathon 2014). I understand no compensation will be paid to me. If used by RunPix, my name will be credited on the photo. [Delete last sentence if not required.]

Forward your photograph to: good_shot @

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